10 August 2010 - President Aquino comes to us with the promise of fresh change, of returning honesty into government. And 85% of the population has given their support for his leadership. He has chosen a Cabinet of people whom he trusts and whom he believes can do the honest job he, and we, require. So we in the business community are disturbed to hear attacks on several of his chosen team members, even before they can prove themselves. We express our full support to Cabinet officials who have expressed their willingness to sacrifice income, time with family, and privacy, in order to be able to serve the people under the Aquino Administration. There are many members of the business community who have an unsullied reputation for honesty, integrity and competence, but not many are willing to serve in government. We therefore commend those who have accepted the call for government service. And we ask that they be given the chance to do their job without being attacked, unless there is concrete proof of previous malfeasance that would put into question their integrity and honesty. Let us trust President Aquino’s judgment. We ask media to treat with caution the negative comments they get and check very carefully the facts before publishing stories about President Aquino’s Cabinet. We have asked for revolutionary change from the political intrigues of the past. Let us give this Cabinet the chance to prove their worth. “The best way to get rid of evil is to drown it with an abundance of good.” EMPLOYERS CONFEDERATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (ECOP) MAKATI BUSINESS CLUB (MBC) MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (MAP) PHILIPPINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (PCCI) PHILIPPINE EXPORTERS CONFEDERATION (PHILEXPORT) ### Download PDF File