30 October 2013 РOver the last few months, the Filipino people stood witness to the unfolding controversy regarding the mismanagement of public funds. Driven by outrage, a familiar call once again resonated: end corruption, hold the guilty accountable, and instill integrity in governance.

The Makati Business Club stands with our fellow Filipinos in expressing our indignation at how certain public officials and private individuals have manipulated social support systems for their own gain. This is the fundamental issue that should be foremost in the consciousness of all.

MBC recognizes the ongoing efforts of the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches to introduce reforms, investigate allegations, and uncover the truth. Amidst the attempts to muddle the issue, we remain steadfast in our support of these processes with fervent hope that justice will, indeed, prevail.

We urge the business community and private citizens to be vigilant, to be actively informed, and to take advantage of existing avenues of monitoring and reporting abuses. We ask the government to continue the aggressive pursuit of its reform agenda and ensure that all those found guilty of wrongdoing, whether inside or outside government, irrespective of political allegiance, be cast behind bars.

Let us seize this opportunity to unite under a common ideal to transform our institutions and place the Philippines on the upright path to progress.

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