The Makati Business Club applauds President Rodrigo Duterte, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Armed Forces Chief General Leonardo Guerrero for their most recent statements, putting an end to speculation about a shift to revolutionary government.

MBC believes that a shift to a revolutionary government will challenge our Constitution and trigger political instability and economic uncertainty. It will reverse the progress the Philippines has achieved in the past years, highlighted by last week’s report of faster than expected growth, which kept the country among the fastest growing economies in the world. The Administration is on the right track in pursuing fairer and stronger revenue and robust infrastructure spending. Middle-income, lower-income and young Filipinos stand to benefit the most from these efforts. We will all lose in an unpredictable business environment. For this reason, the Makati Business Club stands strongly with the country’s civilian and military leaders in putting our trust in our democratic institutions and rejecting revolutionary government. We thank the President for clarifying previous statements on this issue.