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11 February 2021 — MBC conducted its second Consultation Session under the Business For Biking program in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands with Manila City. The consultation session was designed to foster collaboration between policymakers with local biking groups, urban planners, and other stakeholders in developing bike-friendly policies and infrastructure.

Manila City Planning and Development Head Architect Danilo Lacuna shared the city’s plans and future initiatives to support biking. “We want to make Manila a bike-friendly city, but our urban landscape is a challenge,” Lacuna said, referring to the centuries-old city’s narrow streets, the high number of trucks due to its hosting of the capital’s ports, and other factors. “It’s not just about making safe roads, but enjoyable roads for bikers, said Architect Lacuna.

Suggestions that were raised during the meeting include stronger public-private collaboration, more data collection through third-party researchers and volunteers, and better connectivity of historical and cultural locations around Manila for “safe and enjoyable” cycling. “By creating an interactive process, we hope to build broad support for the future plans of cycling in Manila and to improve its inclusiveness,” said Kevin Punzalan, Senior Policy Officer of the Embassy of the Netherlands.

“With every crisis and emergency, there is also the opportunity to revisit the way we do things, and launch a new transformative direction,” added Robert Siy, Convenor of Move As One Coalition. 

The Business For Biking Program is a joint initiative with the Embassy of the Netherlands to promote biking as a sustainable solution to the lack of safe public transportation options for Filipino workers. This program aims to help develop bike-friendly policies and cycling infrastructure across Metro Manila in order to mobilize the workforce, boost business productivity, and advance socio-economic recovery.