Legazpi Citizen Assembly Launch Event

Strengthening Small Family Businesses in Legazpi:
Strategies for MSMEs

02 August 2021 – Legazpi City is studying family-owned enterprises to improve business and generate economic growth. In a joint project with Makati Business Club and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Legazpi City asks business owners (micro, small and medium) and employees what they think about family businesses, and what support is needed in Legazpi to strengthen them. The citizen sentiment gathered will provide the Legazpi City government a better understanding of the support needed by small businesses to flourish. 

“Digital Democracy will no doubt help transform all areas of life – be it work, entertainment, education, business and of course governance. Now that our economy took a beating due to the pandemic, it is good to be reminded that economic development can best be attained when the citizens have a say and participation in it,” said Mayor Noel Rosal in his keynote address.

By clicking “agree” or “disagree”, citizens can participate in the survey and co-create Legazpi City’s initiatives designed to create an enabling environment for business. 

The launch event held on August 2, 2021, was designed for Legazpi City to have an open discussion about small businesses and Legazpi’s initiatives to support them. The importance of small family businesses was discussed in depth during the panel discussion with City Administrator Carlos “Chito” Ante, representing the government sector, Ms. Rosemarie Quinto Ray, the President of the Albay Chamber of Commerce and Industry representing the private sector and Father Jose Victor E. Lobrigo, President and CEO of SEDP-Simbag sa Pag-asenso, Inc. representing the development sector. 

Dr. Aristotle Aris, Managing Director of Card MRI participated in this opening event and also underscored the importance of family businesses when he explained that the microfinance sector comprises more than 9 million people, most of whom are families. 

Vote on the issue here: https://pol.is/5dfxkx6bsf

Register to attend the closing event of this initiative here: bit.ly/mbc-legazpi-closing