Bike Back to Work

Bike-Friendly Initiative For Your Company

12 November 2021 — Biking employees are productive, healthy, happy employees, Dutch biking experts said at a Makati Business Club-Embassy of the Netherlands activity where the experts also shared easy ways for companies to help achieve these.

“If your employees cycle, they become healthier and that leads to increased productivity, less sick leaves, and in the end, happier employees,” Teije Gorris, Team Leader of Capacity Building at DTV Consultants, a Dutch traffic consultancy with 30 years experience, said at the event on 12 November 2021.

Gorris was joined by Max Mooij from the Cycle Friendly Employer Certification program in the Netherlands, Jocelyn Kemker de Kruif from Triple Joy in the Netherlands, and Keisha Mayuga of Life Cycles PH, a local organization of cyclists active in disaster relief efforts. They shared with HR and other executives tips on how their companies can be more bike-friendly for their employees and customers, including how to build end-of-trip facilities like bike racks, showers, and lockers.

“If local authorities or regional authorities are open with discussions with employers and organizations, start a discussion with them to get things going in the infrastructure,” said Mooij. 

“Put cycling constantly on the agenda and change will come,” added de Kruif.

This webinar is an activity under the Business For Biking Program, a joint initiative of MBC and  the Embassy of the Netherlands. Under the program, MBC has worked with Metro Manila LGUs and companies to initiate bike-friendly policies and infrastructure. For more information on bike-friendly activities, email