MBC, Pasig Transport Closing Assembly highlights safety and protection of workers biking to work

6 September 2022 – On August 11, 2022, Pasig Transport concluded “How Can We Help More People Bike to Work?” an online citizen assembly for workers and HR practitioners: in cooperation with Makati Business Club and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Different commute and biking advocacy groups, gender, PWD, and HR sector representatives attended the event to discuss the survey results with the Pasig City Government.


About 400 participants shared their views on biking issues on Pol.is, an AI-aided survey platform. Results showed that 68% of non-bikers are willing to bike to work if concerns about commuters’ safety and protection are resolved. Participants also suggested that the LGU should implement stricter regulations and impose stronger penalties for violators of traffic laws.


In the breakout sessions, participants recommended better policy enforcement, awareness of cyclists’ rights, and constant communication with commuters and nearby LGUs for a sustainable and inclusive transport system in Pasig City. Many touched on how biking picked up during the pandemic due to a lack of transport options.


“I think no one really realized that cycling would get the boost that it did during the COVID-19 pandemic. But having gotten that boost and having made people aware of the benefits of cycling, there is now really a challenge and obligation for people in government to really do more about this,” Pasig Transport Head Robert Anthony Siy said. 


He also said that the LGU is working on an ordinance for stricter compliance with speed limits, and improvements to intersections to make them safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Pasig Transport hopes to strengthen relationships with civil society allies to better support the government’s initiatives on safer cycling.


A total of 17 organizations participated in the closing event, namely: Bicycle Friendly Philippines, Bikers United Movement, First Bike Ride, Bike Scouts, Move As One Coalition, AltMobility PH, The Passenger Forum, ICSC Mobility, Commuters of the Philippines, Tropang Women Bikers, Pinay Bike Commuter Community, Pasig City Gender and Development Office, Abot-Kamay ng mga may Kapansanan ang Pag-unlad ng Pasigueño (AKKAPP), GrabTaxi Philippines, Boldr Philippines, 7 Eleven, and Foodpanda.


MBC, along with Pasig Transport and other LGUs, continuously work together and conduct Citizen Assemblies to know the thoughts of other sectors and groups about different issues concerning their cities. Follow Makati Business Club for updates on future Digital Democracy events.  

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