MBC Board Marks Turnover From Alcuaz to Batungbacal

22 March 2024 – MBC’s board held a turnover cocktail to mark the departure of Coco Alcuaz and the election of Bobby Batungbacal as executive director of the organization.

MBC’s Board, headed by Chairman Edgar O. Chua, Vice Chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, and former Chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. shared individual messages for Alcuaz – thanking him for the years of great service and outstanding leadership as MBC’s executive director.

“When he joined MBC, I saw him as someone who can actually influence. Coco really exercised true leadership, service, dedication, and hard work,” Chua said. “Of all the accomplishments that you actually have delivered, I think the most important is forming a team which is top-notch. I think that is the true measure of a leader.”

Zobel de Ayala highlighted Alcuaz’ strength in understanding and unifying the board, “We’re a very opinionated group, yet we always come out of the meetings feeling good and that’s Coco summarizing at the end,” Zobel de Ayala said. “The other thing, Coco, that I’d like to add is your ability to herd us all – softly, gently, and with all of us agreeing and that’s also not so easy.”

Alcuaz has been with MBC since 2017 and has represented the organization in various engagements with members, partners from the private sector, and leaders from government agencies and departments. He led MBC’s secretariat and has launched programs and projects through the years.

“I think there are many accomplishments of Coco, but perhaps one of the biggest challenges of a Makati Business Club executive director is to navigate the changing political landscape,” Del Rosario said. “Between Ed and Coco, they found a way to keep MBC not only interesting to our members but relevant.”

Alcuaz was presented a plaque of appreciation and a letter from the board members.

“This is the job where I would go to work with a skip in my step everyday. That’s how much I love this job, this organization, and this Board that I work for,” Alcuaz said. “It’s a great privilege to have worked for the premier business organization in this country. I loved working for businesses and executives who create the jobs that this country needs despite all the odds against them.”

MBC’s new executive director, Bobby Batungbacal, also celebrated the hard work and contributions of Alcuaz in his short speech.

“I follow a long line of great Executive Directors. I’m very happy with the turnover, Coco guided me in every step so I’m very thankful. We’re lucky to have these talented people doing the work at MBC.” Batungbacal said

Francisco Alcuaz Jr. is set to start his new role at BSP. Makati Business Club trustees, incoming executive director, staffers, members, and partners wish him success in his new endeavor.

MBC’s executive director Bobby Batungbacal has taken on his new role and has been working closely with Alcuaz throughout the transition period in the past weeks.

Present during the occasion are MBC Trustees Edgar Chua, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Ramon del Rosario, Ambassador Jose Cuisia, Jr., Dr. Jaime Aristotle Alip, Cosette Canilao, Doris Magsaysay-Ho, Rizalina Mantaring, Jose Victor Paterno, and Manolito Tayag who have worked closely with Alcuaz during his term as MBC ED. The cocktails event was also graced by the attendance of British Ambassador Laure Beaufils, US Ambassador MaryKay Carlson, Singaporean Ambassador Constance See, Australian Ambassador HK Yu, and former Philippine Ambassador to the UK Jesus Tambunting.