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USAID - Unilab Foundation - MBC Makati Business Club AMDev Building Inclusive Workplaces: How Industry 4.0 Empowers Women


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11,000 target set for advanced manufacturing training

The Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Alliance (AMDev) Program is expected to take in 11,000 trainees, expanding beyond the initial intake of electronics and pharmaceuticals workers, an official said. 

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USAid exec: Skilled workforce needed for advanced manufacturing

Thomas Leblanc, the director of the Office of Education of USAid, said that the Philippines has the potential to grow its advanced manufacturing industry but is hampered by Filipinos’ lack of skills and knowledge for the industry. 

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USAID, private sector to upskill thousands of manufacturing workers

Manufacturing workers are the beneficiaries of a new training program with the help of the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Alliance (AMDev). 

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The Advanced Manufacturing Stakeholder Forum 2023

19 September 2023 — The Advanced Manufacturing Stakeholder Forum discussed strategies to strengthen the workforce and address the problems of unemployment and job-skills mismatch in the manufacturing sector.

The forum is an annual event of the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development (AMDev) Program – a 5-year USAID- and Unilab Foundation-led initiative that aims to create a pipeline of highly skilled workforce who meet the evolving requirements of the advanced manufacturing sector. MBC is the secretariat.

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The Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development Alliance (AMDev) is a five-year program supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and led by the Unilab Foundation. It aims to improve the competencies of the manufacturing workforce, create an enabling environment for advanced manufacturing workforce development, and address the challenges of systemic insufficiencies in the education system. The program seeks to achieve these goals by rapidly transforming education and training processes to enable the readiness of the workforce for Industry 4.0, or Advanced Manufacturing. AMDev is a collaborative effort involving higher education institutions, research institutions, specialized non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

The AMDev program was established to address the need for a highly skilled and adaptive workforce that meets the evolving harmonized skills and qualifications descriptors, competency, and training standards in the manufacturing sector. It also aims to bridge the gap between the skills of the workforce and the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The Advanced Manufacturing Skills Council (AMSC), institutionalized through the AMDev program, will lead the effort to define and harmonize standards and qualifications descriptors, competency, and training standards for the manufacturing workforce. The AMSC, under the management of Makati Business Club is set to sustain the AMDev initiatives after its completion in 2027.


The AMSC as Industry Consolidator, Policy Advocate and Master Strategy Crafter (Industry to Government)

Craft a master plan that would contain strategic options and directions for advanced manufacturing

Lead and implement policy advocacy

Integrate sustainability (IR 5.0) in the advanced manufacturing agenda

Lobby funding for advanced manufacturing for investment priority areas

The AMSC as a Skills Framework and Competency Standards Matcher
(Industry to Academe)

Work with TESDA on the development of the competency standards and implementation of enterprise-based training modality

Ensure that the competency and skills framework for advanced manufacturing will be articulated in the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF)

Develop intermediate and advanced skills levels on advanced manufacturing

Continuously develop the advanced manufacturing sector skills training and assessment standards

The AMSC as a Knowledge Resource Center
(Industry to Academe and Government)

Develop and implement a research agenda and knowledge products

Conduct roundtable discussions and Asian regional fora with industry associations and professional societies

Create a knowledge management bank or knowledge resource center for the storage and retrieval of research agenda and knowledge products

The AMSC as an Innovation and Collaboration Center
(Industry to Academe and Workforce)

Develop modern and responsive apprenticeships and enterprise-based training modality

Work with the government on digitalization initiatives and innovation facilities

Assist and develop an incentive framework for apprenticeship programs


Advanced Manufacturing as a Growing Sector


Advanced Manufacturing Skills Council Founding Members (USAID and Unilab Foundation)


Advanced Manufacturing Skills Council Founding Members (USAID and Unilab Foundation) and Alliance Members (MBC - Makati Business Club, Western Digital, Amherst, Belmont Softgel Pharma Corporation, Fastech Synergy Philippines Inc., Action For Economic Reforms, Center for Organization Research and Development, Investment & Capital Corporation of the Philippines, People Management Association of the Philippines, Center for Integrated STEM Education, Inc., Asian Institute of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bayan Innovation Group)

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