July 12 – no update

July 11 – 2nd day of vaccinations of ICTSI-Solaire Group

July 10 – 1st day of vaccinations of ICTSI-Solaire Group

July 9 – no update

July 8 – vaccination of AC Health Group

July 7 – for buyers with ICTSI-Solaire as HSP: please see letter from MBC Moderna Team on Moderna Project: SIVC Vaccination Day Instructions and Reminders

July 6 – no update

July 5 – no update

July 4 – no update

July 3 – no update

July 2 – no update

July 1 – for buyers with ICTSI-Solaire as HSP: please see letter from MBC Moderna Team on Moderna Project: SIVC WAIVER

June 30 – no update

June 29 – no update

June 28 – no update

June 27 – Moderna vaccines arrived

June 26 – no update

June 25 – please see letter from MBC Moderna Team on Moderna 2Q Shipments: Scheduling, Ordering, and Delivery

June 24 – no update

June 23 – no update

June 22 – no update


When and how will I receive my receipt from ICTSI Foundation?

ICTSI Foundation will send printed acknowledgement receipts to each consortium member. Please be patient as this will take some time due to the volume of orders. We will update this information here as soon as we know more.

Will I receive an official receipt?

You will receive an Acknowledgement Receipt (AR), not an official receipt because ICTSI Foundation Inc. is not a supplier, vendor, seller, reseller or distributor of the Moderna vaccine. Under Emergency Use Authority (EUA), only governments can buy the vaccines. ICTSI Foundation’s role was to facilitate private sector participation via the tripartite agreement, and transmitting payments to Moderna.


What’s the role of Zuellig Pharma and vaccine administrators?

Zuellig Pharma is the third-party logistics provider. That means it will store and handle your vaccines until it delivers them to your vaccine administrator. Zuellig will get instructions via eZRx. Companies that have more than 4,000 doses have direct access to eZRx, which is the vaccine order system. Companies that bought less don’t: it is their consolidators (MBC, MAP, IBPAP, FINEX) who will do it for them.

Your vaccine administrator will inoculate you and your employees and dependents. You will work with them on scheduling and other matters. They will determine how you communicate with them, but most if not all will have an app for that. Some of them will use EZVax, which happens to be a product of Zuellig.

Will MBC manage my vaccination process?

No. You will manage this with your HSP. MBC’s role will be to receive delivery instructions from you and relay them to Zuellig. (For clients of AC Health and Centre Medicale Internationale, these HSPs will be the ones to give us instructions to deliver your vaccines. ) Only if you are with ICTSI vaccination Center will MBC have a bigger role including uploading your VIMS-IR forms to EZVax.

When will the vaccines arrive?

The 7 million doses bought by the private sector will arrive in three installments as follows. You will have a pro-rata share of each installment.

The 7 million doses bought by the private sector will arrive as follows.

Q2      55,200 (0.79%) – Arrived June 27 

Q3      1,828,000 (26.12%)  

  • 56,400 (0.81%) – Arriving July 12-18
  • 1,771,400 (25.31%) – No date yet

Q4      5,117,000 (73.09%)  – No date yet

We will update you when the dates are more exact.

Can we link our existing company HR apps with the apps of Zuellig and the vaccine administrators, especially because our employees are already used to our apps?

Zuellig is not encouraging this.

If a company has purchased too many vaccines (e.g., because employees have been vaccinated by their LGUs), could ICTSI envisage a process to donate doses back to the national vaccine pool?

The company can assign or may donate the vaccine to others, it will be up to them as long as this is in line with government protocol and prioritization rules.


How do I encourage more employees to get vaccinated?

You can use one of these two toolkits by communications and marketing professionals!

Ingat Angat:

MullenLowe Treyna: (Access starts on May 15, 2021)

The toolkits suggest holding townhall meetings with your employees and a credible expert. Where do I find a credible expert?

Many doctors are qualified for this. Or you can try to enlist a DOH doctor via these contact persons: 

Lorra Sayson

Nique Larin