Business Orgs Vaccine Project



How do I encourage more employees to get vaccinated?

You can use one these two toolkits by communications and marketing professionals!

Ingat Angat:

MullenLowe Treyna: (Access starts on May 15, 2021)

The toolkits suggest holding townhall meetings with your employees and a credible expert. Where do I find a credible expert?

Many doctors are qualified for this. Or you can try to enlist a DOH doctor via these contact persons: 

Lorra Sayson

Nique Larin


When is the next meeting?

ICTSI Foundation and Zuellig Pharma will discuss ICTSI’s own vaccination sites and Zuellig’s EZRx process and app on May 10, 1:30 p.m. This is exclusively for participants in ICTSI’s Moderna vaccine project. Please check your email for registration details.


When and how will I receive my receipt from ICTSI Foundation?

ICTSI Foundation will send printed acknowledgement receipts to each consortium member. Please be patient as this will take some time due to the volume of orders. We will update this information here as soon as we know more.

Will I receive an official receipt?

You will receive an Acknowledgement Receipt (AR), not an official receipt because ICTSI Foundation Inc. is not a supplier, vendor, seller, reseller or distributor of the Moderna vaccine. Under Emergency Use Authority (EUA), only governments can buy the vaccines. ICTSI Foundation’s role was to facilitate private sector participation via the tripartite agreement, and transmitting payments to Moderna.


What’s the role of Zuellig Pharma and vaccine administrators?

Zuellig Pharma is the third-party logistics provider. That means it will store and handle your vaccines until it delivers them to your vaccine administrator. All participating companies will communicate with Zuellig via EZRx. Through EZRx, you will inform Zuellig who is your vaccine administrator and Zuellig will deliver your vaccines to them. 

Your vaccine administrator will inject you and your employees and dependents. You will work with them on scheduling and other matters. They will determine how you communicate with them, but most if not all will have an app for that. Some of them will use EZVax, which happens to be a product of Zuellig.

What do we do now/next?

  1. Sign up with a vaccine administrator, and start learning or filling their requirements and procedures leading up to vaccination. This will include submitting names and other info on your employees, which can take time. Click here for a list of suggested vaccine administrators.
  2. Register with Zuellig’s EZRx, and start learning or filling their requirements and procedures leading up to delivering your vaccines to your vaccine admin.

For more on vaccination — especially ICTSI’s own vaccination sites and the EZEx process and system, please attend the May 10 meeting mentioned above.

Will MBC manage my vaccination process?

No. You will manage this, via Zuellig and your vaccine administrator. 

When will the vaccines arrive?

The 7 million doses bought by the private sector will arrive in three installments as follows. You will have a pro-rata share of each installment.

Q2 55,000 (0.79%)

Q3 1,828,000 (26%)

Q4 5,117,000 (73%)

Total = 7 million

We will update you when the dates are more exact.

Is there a minimum number of doses a company can have delivered to the vaccination center? What if I can’t find a vaccine administrator for my small account?

ICTSI Foundation is building two large vaccination sites in NCR and has said they will serve all participating companies, even those who bought small numbers of doses.

Who will administer the vaccines?

Their local units are in the list we shared above. But if you would like to reach their head office, here is their contact information.

Can we link our existing company HR apps with the apps of Zuellig and the vaccine administrators, especially because our employees are already used to our apps?

Zuellig is not encouraging this.

If we had a very small order, e.g., 10 doses for 5 people, will we get any from the first delivery?

Please discuss this with your vaccine administrator.

If a company has purchased too many vaccines (e.g., because employees have been vaccinated by their LGUs), is there could ICTSI envisage a process to donate doses back to the national vaccine pool?

The company can assign or y may donate the vaccine to others, it will be up to them as long as this is in line with government protocol and prioritization rules.


What is the swap program?

This is an arrangement by which you can advance a set number of your 3Q deliveries to augment your 2Q deliveries. However, the deadline to avail has passed.