MBC is honored to partner with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in bringing leading democracy advocates and activists to Philippine audiences. While MBC’s founders believe that freedom and democracy are essential to improving Philippine lives, KAS has been promoting these ideals around the world for 65 years.

For most of the histories of MBC and KAS, democracy and freedom had been gaining ground. But starting about a decade ago, they have faced stronger and stronger challenges. The challenges are fed by many issues — such as wide income and wealth gaps, and a perception of weak leadership.

The forum is part of a project to help with digitalization, financial inclusion, and the transition to the New
Normal. The project aims to facilitate more public-private collaboration as well as accelerate the private
sector’s switch in everything from salaries, to benefits, to sales of goods and services between people,
businesses, and government, and, when it’s ready, to e-invoicing and e-receipts.