Companies disappear at an alarming rate. Of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 2000, only 50% remain. This is in large part because new technology can destroy businesses that don’t change. At the MBC Virtual Roundtable Discussion, SGV Advisory Leader Rosanna Fajardo discussed Six Habits for executing digital transformation, which has accelerated amid COVID-19.

MBC and the Carlos P. Romulo Foundation organized a forum featuring NEDA Acting Secretary Karl Chua who presented the government’s plans to develop a robust digital economy where technology increases the productivity of businesses, opportunities for people, and the efficiency of the government.

Integrity Initiative Inc. and MBC hosted an online forum featuring NEDA Undersecretary and Philippine Statistics Head Dennis Mapa, Mynt (GCash) CEO Martha Sazon, as well as Citizens’ Budget Tracker Lead Ken Abante, to discuss how technology can promote efficiency and transparency in aid distribution, as seen from the government’s Social Amelioration Program.