COVID Response

At the onset of the pandemic, MBC co-led the business sector’s “Call for Maximum Fiscal Response”, which was co-signed by 32 organizations. We have co-organized numerous private sector and public-private activities  first to address health and personal income, then to safely reopen the economy. In this, we work closely with Task Force T-3, Ingat Angat, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, and Foundation for Economic Freedom.

Our biggest activity to date is as the largest “consolidator” of ICTSI Foundation’s Moderna vaccine project. MBC initially gathered more than 320 companies, who reserved 690,000 doses. After the larger buyers (including many of our members) moved directly to ICTSI Foundation, MBC processed 227 companies who paid for 115,000 doses. Only 77 are MBC members. Reflecting our inclusivity mission, 150 are non-members including other business organizations, chambers, non-profits, and embassies. The average order was small: just 500 doses. We play a coordinating role for ourselves and the other “consolidators”: MAP, IBPAP, and FINEX.

COVID Discussion Paper September 2021

Business Orgs Vaccine Project