Mission and History

Mission: Forum for constructive ideas and action

To help create the environment for more jobs and better lives for Filipinos — by working with businesses, government, and other partners — for a globally competitive, inclusive, sustainable, and democratic Philippines.

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Since 1981, MBC has been at the forefront of economic and social advocacy by the business sector. We opposed crony capitalism and helped push for the return of democracy by 1986.

In the succeeding decades, MBC helped lead business sector efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and liberalize the economy—in tax, telco, power, airline, banking, retail, and other industries—in the succeeding administrations. 

We run, organized, or helped organize initiatives such as the National Competitiveness Commission, the APEC Business Advisory Council (Philippines), the Philippine Services Coalition. Since 2005, MBC has been the World Economic Forum’s Philippine partner in its Global Competitiveness survey and report and other projects. 

MBC also run, organized, or helped organize Coalition Against Corruption, Project Shine, and their successor, Integrity Initiative; the Right to Know Coalition, which our Freedom of Information (FOI) project continues to work with; and other movements to promote and defend Freedom and Democracy.

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