The MBC invites distinguished guest speakers to its General Membership Meetings and MBC Briefings to discuss critical public issues and trends, whether local or global, that are relevant to Philippine development. The MBC Forum summarizes the speeches and key discussion points of the guest speakers at these fora.

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InfraWatch Icon

InfraWatch is Makati Business Club’s survey of Build Build Build (BBB), the government’s aggressive infrastructure drive. The purpose is to help the business sector plan around and support infrastructure projects.

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Philippine Economy At-A-Glance is a quarterly publication that provides a compact but highly informative and comprehensive snapshot of the most important indicators of the state of the Philippine economy. It presents and draws on data from official government sources and highly respected private institutions, as well as from MBC’s own studies and surveys. It is envisioned to serve as an economic research and information resource for business executives, to help them make informed business decisions based on an accurate, up-to-date, and sound understanding of the local economic environment.

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The CongressWatch Report provides monthly updates on the latest developments in the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives. It covers various aspects of the Legislature’s work, such as the bills and resolutions filed, committee action, floor debates and votes, and legislation passed. It also includes reports on the performance and voting records of legislators.

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MBC Research Report features analytical reviews of issues and policies regarding the Philippine economy and key social sectors, and also highlights major economic studies published by partner organizations and agencies. It seeks to explain economic and sociopolitical trends—and how these may impact the economy and Philippine businesses—to non-economists, avoiding the jargon that could befuddle the issues.

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Philippine Government Directory 2019

The Makati Business Club’s PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT DIRECTORY (PGD) is a comprehensive listing of the names, office addresses and contact details of Philippine government officials in the Executive, including Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations, the Judiciary, Philippine Diplomatic Corps abroad, as well as foreign embassies in the Philippines. Also included in this edition are the contact details of the Constitutional offices.

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Executive Outlook Survey

The Executive Outlook Survey is a business confidence survey conducted every semester by the MBC among its members. It measures business opinion and confidence levels regarding economic, corporate, and government performance. It also identifies businessmen’s perception on pressing national issues.

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Business Opinion Survey Series

The Business Opinion Survey Series is conducted among MBC members to measure their opinions on specific public and business issues. This special survey is carried out occasionally.

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WEF Global Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report is the most comprehensive and authoritative assessment of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of over 130 major and emerging economies. The MBC has been the WEF’s exclusive partner institute in the Philippines for the preparation of their international competitiveness reports since 1993.

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Philippine Business, the prestigious business magazine of the Makati Business Club, delivered economic and business news, features, and analyses to the Philippines’ corporate leaders and policymakers from 1994 to 2009.

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