MBC's Economy Dashboard

MBC pilots its Economy Dashboard and provides a snapshot of key socio-economic data to help executives and policymakers make better decisions in today’s fast-changing economy. 

Why You Should Join Us

A Forum for Constructive Ideas

To provide the business sector constructive ideas and a global outlook, and a vehicle for them to help build a competitive, job creating economy, and a democratic, inclusive, sustainable society.

A Hub for Impactful Projects

MBC members have access to a year-round series of high level speakers from the Philippines and abroad, resulting in insightful exchanges and constructive takeaways.

A Community for Making Connections

MBC will soon organize and open committees to lead our initiatives, including already ongoing and funded projects. Committees will also advise the MBC board; identify and work on legislative and regulatory issues with government officials and key MBC and business sector leaders.

An Inclusive Membership

We welcome members who are committed to a globally competitive, job creating economy and a democratic, inclusive and sustainable society.

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