MBC Digital

Business was already going digital. The pandemic just accelerated that. Digital enables businesses to seize opportunities faster and operate more efficiently. It also helps businesses reach more customers, and makes it easier for customers to get and pay for goods and services. The pandemic made this even clearer. It also proved to be the best way to get help to people who needed it. MBC’s projects include promoting e-payments and assisting with the Philippine ID System, with partners including USAID’s EPESO and DELIVER initiatives,  Management Association of the Philippines, Bankers Association of the Philippines, and FoodPanda.

Where do we want to be?

Increased e-payments usage among businesses

More Filipinos registered and new services offered around PhilSys

PhilSys addresses the identity authentication barrier, which leaves 70% of adult Filipinos remaining unbanked

Adoption of Ease of Paying Taxes measure and
e-invoicing reform

An end-to-end B2B e-payments platform makes transaction more efficient, transparent, and secure

Adoption of policies and reforms for a more dynamic PH e-commerce

In light of the digital shift during the pandemic, e-commerce is seen to take up 5.5% (P1.2 trillion) of GDP by 2022