Ease-of-Paying Taxes project (USAID Project)

CREATE Law implementation

Public Services Act and other bills

MBC Executive Opinion Survey (Ranking of Gov’t Agencies)

WEF Global Competitiveness Report Survey

Quarterly GDP report, other reports

Long-Term Infrastructure Project (in talks with funding partner)

MBC's Economy Dashboard

MBC pilots its Economy Dashboard and provides a snapshot of key socio-economic data to help executives and policymakers make better decisions in today’s fast-changing economy. 

Economic Briefing Series

The Indo-Pacific Economic Agenda

Greg Poling of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a leading US policy think tank, will highlight geopolitical implications of the IPEF – the 12-page strategy released by the Biden administration.

Global Inflation and Possible Recession

Chairman and CEO of Evercore Asia Stephen CuUnjieng was the keynote speaker and he stressed on the importance of addressing the Philippines’ structural shortcomings as the economy recovers from the pandemic.

Turning PH Agri Around

Department of Agriculture Advisor Dr. Karlo Fermin Adriano and Mayani CEO JT Solis of Mayani focused on boosting productivity, improving farmer income, and achieving a more competitive and food-secure Philippine agriculture sector.

Action Points 2022

Eco GDP Insights