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Business for Biking

Mobilizing the Filipino Workforce

About the Project

The Business For Biking Project aims to help Filipinos who bike to work and for whom biking is work.

The project engages with government, business, and advocacy groups to develop a safe and sustainable environment for cyclists via policy, infrastructure, and other activities.

The project was launched in January 2021 in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Our Work in Numbers

MBC celebrates World Bicycle Day 2022 with the Embassy of Netherlands, SM, and other organizations

Why Should Businesses be Bike-Friendly?

Catch some testimonies from our pledges on why their companies have decided to be bike-friendly!

Wheels for Work
Donation Drive

Help provide bikes to Filipinos nationwide who have no means of cheap and sustainable transportation!

Donate a bike today via our Wheels For Work program, in partnership with the Ayala Foundation.

Business Campaign

Be part of the growing number of companies who pledge to become bike-friendly!

Join a community of mobility advocates among the private sector and participate in events and activities.

Bike Lessons and
Road Safety

Do you want to start a bike-to-work program for your colleagues and employees?

Schedule a meeting with us so we can plan a training program for your workforce.

Powering Progress Through Active Mobility​

MBC’s #BusinessforBiking program was launched in 2021 with the Embassy of the Netherlands and in 2022, in partnership with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. The project aims to collaborate with government, business, and civil society organizations to develop a #bike-friendly environment via policy, infrastructure, and other initiatives. Read the press release: https://bit.ly/MBC-Shell-ForActiveMobility

Supporting Filipinos who Bike to Work
and for whom Biking is Work

MBC Member Companies Grab, McDonald’s, Megawide, White and Case, and Monark showed their support for MBC and AFI’s Wheels for Work.

Watch Mark Hernandez of White and Case, Adi Hernandez of McDonald’s Philippines, Mely Purificacion of Monark, and Lem Gardose of Megawide Foundation highlight their companies’ advocacy towards cycling. 

Check out MBC’s Wheels for Work Project with Ayala Foundation Inc.

Our Team

Previous Activities

Trisha Teope

Foreign Programs Officer


Chris Britanico

Sustainable Transportation Officer


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Sustainable Transportation Officer