11 May 2010 – The Makati Business Club congratulates the Filipino people for a successful election!

The Comelec deserves our people’s thanks for managing an electoral process that the people believe to be credible. Despite the many delays in meeting their schedule resulting in having to make compromises on the security of the automated election system, despite the late onset glitches that caused grave concern about the viability of the PCOS machines to perform on election day, and despite the apparent lack of preparedness in case the automated system would fail on a large scale, the Comelec laid to rest many fears about automation. Much credit must also be given to the teachers who performed well under stress as the front line in the election process.

The Filipino voters have proven once again their resilience in the face of difficult conditions. Yesterday, many waited several hours in long queues and demonstrated an admirable determination not to be disenfranchised by enduring the heat and their personal discomfort.

Finally, we are gratified that a number of candidates are exhibiting humility in victory and grace in the face of defeat. The early concessions of the losers to the apparent winners, even before the end of counting, is a refreshing change from the past when there were no losers but only candidates who were cheated.

With the election season over, it is time to stop the acrimony. We call on all Filipinos to come together and support our new leaders. We cannot expect them to change the country by themselves. They need all the help we can give them.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!


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