29 February 2012 – All public officials are accountable to the people. This is especially true for those occupying high positions. To ensure that the highest officials are accountable and worthy of the people’s trust, the Constitution provides for an impeachment process.

In the case of Chief Justice Renato Corona, serious questions have been raised on whether or not he is
morally fit in dispensing his duties as entrusted to him by the people. The chief justice has the right to defend himself before an impeachment court, but we must also respect the people’s right to know the
truth. Thus, we support efforts to disclose evidence that will help uncover the truth and discourage
citing technicalities that will only delay the proceedings.

Each branch of government has been given authority to prevent any abuse or misuse of their privileges
as part of the system of checks and balances. We appeal to our political leaders to make this system
work in the interest justice.

In light of recent disclosures at the trial, we support the proposed amendments of R.A. 6426 (Foreign
Currency Deposit Act) to discourage the use of foreign currency deposit accounts to hide ill-gotten
wealth. We urge our legislators to act on this measure to further enhance transparency in the country.
To build trust in our institutions, we respectfully ask our senator-judges to be steadfast in their search for the truth and decide with wisdom in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona. In the spirit of the EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary, we also encourage the public to remain vigilant and persistent in our clamor to hold public officials to the highest levels of ethical standards.

Ateneo School of Government Bishops-Businessmen’s Conference for Human Development
Caucus of Development NGO Networks
CBCP-National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace
Makati Business Club
National Citizens’ Movement for Free Elections
Transparency and Accountability Network


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