The Makati Business Club commends the Supreme Court for upholding the constitutionality of
RA 10354 or the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act. After 14 years of
meticulous debates and amendments in Congress, and now with the unanimous recognition by
the High Court of the law’s legality, save for particular provisions, the task of improving the
country’s maternal and child healthcare can now go at full steam. With this process, involving all
major branches of government, as well as with widespread public participation, we believe that
this decision truly reflects the people’s overwhelming sentiments on responsible parenthood and
reproductive health.

Moving forward, we hope that the law will be swiftly and properly implemented. We maintain
our position that this law will not only impact our people’s health, but will also serve as a critical
component of the overall strategy to reduce poverty and guarantee sustainable and inclusive

Indeed, the issue has been divisive, yet with the intense exchange of views, this is an illustration
of the vibrancy of our democratic processes. Let this decision be the spark that will unite all who
stood on opposite sides of the fence to work together for a truly progressive Philippines.


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