22 November – We are deeply saddened by the surreptitious burial of Ferdinand Marcos at the LNMB, which reignites an unwanted divisive factor to the nation. Burying a deposed dictator within one of the most sacred final resting places does not make him a hero. This event will make it difficult to impart the right lessons to future generations regarding a dark period in our history. We are shocked that the burial was undertaken in a
deceptive manner, with undue haste and without respect for the process of allowing time for respondents to
file their petitions to the Supreme Court ruling.

This unnecessary distraction to benefit one family draws our focus away from the critical and enduring need
to unite and work with government on a common effort to build our economy, to increase our trade and to put
poverty reduction and inclusive growth on top of our agenda to achieve a better life for all Filipinos.