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20 May 2020 — The pandemic is forcing leaders to respond quickly to a huge and growing list of problems. Government officials rush to provide healthcare, food and shelter and information to anxious, quarantined citizens. With so much ground to cover, the government struggles to keep up. 

In Deloitte’s “Good Company” scenario, businesses step up to fill the gaps. This is especially visible in the Philippines. Big and small companies feed the displaced, provide PPE, ventilators, testing kits and other needs to hospitals, and now provide data research, and suggestions to the government.

At the MBC Roundtable “Good Company: How Executives Lead their Business and Society Amid Crisis”, Deloitte’s Rahim Damanwala discussed how the public and private sectors could collaborate to address the challenges of COVID-19. And how this collaboration could have far-reaching effects on society, economy and politics.