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Julia Abad

By: Julia Abad The future of “work” has become more than just a buzzword, and is now a focal topic of discussion in several international fora. To contextualize this point: Google recently introduced a new product being developed, “Google Duplex,” where it was revealed that the company’s Artificial Intelligence technology could eventually make phone calls […]


By: Rizalina G. Mantaring The Boston Marathon this year was historic for many reasons, starting with arguably the worst weather conditions in memory. Boston was hit by the storm that had been moving through the east coast, and I ran in the worst conditions I had ever run in. Rain was pouring throughout the course, […]

21 May 2018 – Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) account for 99.6% or 911,768 of the 915,726 total enterprises in the Philippines in 2016. Of this number, almost 90% (820,795) are micro, followed by small at 9.46% (86,955), and medium at 0.44% (4,018). This figure could be more considering the three million to four million enterprises listed in the Philippine Business Registry submitted by the local government units.