26 November 2009 – The Makati Business Club expresses its deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of the November 23 Maguindanao massacre. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the brutal slaying of women, journalists, and other innocent and defenseless civilians. The perpetrators of this heinous crime have no place in society and […]

14 August 2009 – We wish to commend the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism for a job well done on its three-part series on President Arroyo’s still-to-be-explained wealth. The press serves a watchdog function and, disagreeable as it may be to those who have suffered its nasty bite, we must allow the press to perform […]

1 July 2009 – The Makati Business Club is deeply disturbed by the announcement of the withdrawal of the Filipino entity of the consortium that won the contract to automate the national elections in 2010. Total Information Management Corporation’s decision to terminate its participation in the automation project it won with partner Smartmatic International places […]

9 June 2009 – We are appalled at the indecency and blatant disregard of the Filipino people’s will displayed by the House of Representatives in its adoption of House Resolution No. 1109 that allows itself to convene as a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution, without the necessary participation of the Senate.