Feature News

24 September – The Duterte administration will complete its first 100 days two weeks from now, but even now has made it undeniably clear that change has come—and how! Perhaps many would view these first 100 days as unprecedentedly replete with fundamental changes in elements of governance. Some changes are both stark and startling, dislodging some from their comfort zones and challenging preconceived notions simultaneously on several fronts.

October 4 – Industry experts, business executives, and leaders from key services subsectors came together in the first Philippine Services Conference and Roundtable Discussion held at the Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City. The conference is the first major event of the revitalized Philippine Services Coalition (PSC), the leading services organization designed to act as the voice of the country’s dynamic services sector and represent the industry’s diverse interests in relevant trade in services and policy issues.

The Philippine Business Groups and Joint Foreign Chambers (PBG-JFC) would like to commend the Senate and House of Representatives for passing the bill to create a Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). This very important bill will help position the Philippines as a world leader in this growingly dominant sector of the global economy. […]