Digital Democracy Project 2021

Low Speed Streets in Pasig


Implementing “Low-speed streets”, or streets with speed limits under 30kph, is part of Pasig City’s agenda to reduce road accidents and improve the mobility of people and the flow of traffic in the city. Before implementing the policy, Pasig LGU wanted to ask what Pasig residents think about implementing a 30 kph speed limit in their urban centers. For this, two citizen assemblies were conducted, and a 54-statement survey was rolled out via Pol.Is for a total of 18 days. 

Pedestrian-Only Streets in Heneral Luna, Intramuros


Another Digital Democracy use-case is the online consultation of the Intramuros Administration (IA) regarding the possible closure of Heneral Luna street, a major street in the area, to motor vehicles. 

To inform the IA’s policy and implementation, an online survey and two consultations were conducted to understand public sentiment about this initiative. Similar to the Pasig case, the primary feedback collection tool used was Pol.Is, and Facebook comments on related posts were scraped to supplement the feedback data. The survey ran for a total of 16 days, garnering a total of 1,014 responses and an additional 433 qualitative feedback in paragraph forms. 

Strengthening Small Family Businesses in Legazpi


For Legazpi, the LGU and stakeholders decided to focus on family-owned businesses, especially the micro and informal vendors. A series of online consultations with Legazpi LGU and stakeholders were conducted to formulate a total of 55 survey statements related to the survey objectives. A total of two online citizen assemblies was held by Legazpi city to kick off the survey, and to present the survey results to the stakeholders. The primary feedback collection tool used is Pol.Is, which ran for a total of 11 days and collected 327 complete responses.

Strengthening Small Business in Iligan City


As for Iligan LGU, the city focused on formal and informal MSMEs in the city, and how the informal sector can be supported to register and join the formal sector. Iligan LGU conducted two citizen assemblies, one to kick-off the feedback collection process and the other, to present the results to stakeholders. Similar to Legazpi, Iligan used Pol.Is platform to deploy a 45-statement survey, which ran for 13 days. 229 people voted  compared to the 20-30 who would attend Iligan’s previous physical public consultations. 

Digital Democracy Training 2021


Last April 6, 2021, the Makati Business Club organized the first Digital Democracy Training via Zoom.

The Digital Democracy Project