MBC, Pasig Transport wraps up this year’s Digital Democracy Project with a Proposed Cycling Advisory Board

November 22, 2022

Makati Business Club, in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, concluded this year’s Digital Democracy project in Pasig City. The project helps LGUs use digital tools to consult or shape policy with constituents to promote civil dialogue. Pasig chose cycling policy as the subject of the project.

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Pasigueños met in a face-to-face citizen assembly to discuss the proposed Cycling Advisory Board

November 06, 2022

On November 6, Pasig Transport, with the assistance of MBC and KAS, held a conversation in the street with Pasig City council representatives, citizens, pedestrians, commuters, bikers, advocates, and passers-by to hear their comments on the draft ordinance forming a Cycling Advisory Board on Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center.

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MBC, Pasig Transport Closing Assembly highlights safety and protection of workers biking to work

September 06, 2022

About 400 participants shared their views on biking issues on, an AI-aided survey platform. Results showed that 68% of non-bikers are willing to bike to work if concerns about commuters’ safety and protection are resolved.

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MBC, Pasig Transport launched the Citizen Assembly for Workers: How can we help more people bike to work?

August 03, 2022

Last July 11, Pasig Transport, in cooperation with Makati Business Club (MBC) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), launched the opening event of the online Citizen Assembly – “How can we help more people bike to work?”

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Handbooks on Digital Democracy: Lessons from Pasig, Intramuros, Legazpi, and Iligan pilot runs during COVID-19

June 30, 2022

Makati Business Club launched four (4) handbooks online entitled “Digital Democracy in the Middle of the Pandemic: Lessons from 5 Pilot Projects” to provide government officials the tools to initiate a Digital Democracy project in their own cities or agencies, enabling them to make decisions informed by citizen input while at the same time, strengthening community and civic engagement. 

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MBC wraps up Digital Democracy Training for LGUs and CSOs

May 25, 2022

With the aim of fostering more data driven policies and empowering more LGUs and CSOs to conduct their own Digital Democracy initiatives, MBC gathered a total of 134 representatives from 17 LGUs and 20 CSOs for a workshop series to discuss how they can embed digital democracy in their organizations.

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MBC launches Digital Democracy training for LGUs and CSOs

March 25, 2022

Makati Business Club in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung will hold a FREE workshop entitled Digital Democracy: Technology for Decision-Making and Community-Building this April and May 2022 via Zoom.

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