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By: Peter Angelo V. Perfecto The traditional perspective that business has been trying to evolve from is that its role in nation-building is simply to provide jobs. That, mind you, is an extremely significant role to play when unemployment and underemployment have been the country’s woe for decades. Which is precisely why, when we talk of […]

By: Guillermo M. Luz  Today’s water situation in Metro Manila reminds me of a similar situation we had 30 years ago. Back then, the metro also faced a critical shortage of power, facing up to 8 to 10 hours of power outages or “brownouts” daily. The situations are not exactly identical, but there are enough similarities […]

By: Guillermo M. Luz As we go deeper into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the nature of work—what gets done, who does it, where it’s performed—will dramatically change. This will have huge implications on societies and their workforce, and have important ramifications on our educational systems and systems of learning. Are we ready for this? How […]

By: Ramon R. del Rosario Jr Education has historically been the domain of academicians. But that now needs to change, given the fast-changing world of work, advances in technology and economic growth that has not resulted in opportunities for all. This was the consensus from the recently held 2019 Higher Education Summit organized by Philippine Business […]

By: Guillermo M. Luz The Philippines has had a spotty record of urban planning. What started out as beautifully master-planned cities generations ago have ended up as cities characterized by congestion and traffic, little or poor access to mass transit, few open spaces, parks and public spaces, and many blighted and derelict sections. And yet we’ve […]